Relationship Building via Collaborations

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Our Founder's ongoing collaboration with stellar Vancouver jazz vocalist/composer Darlene Cooper continues. Adele M. Wilding has completed her second, physically distanced songwriting collaboration with Cooper, entitled 'Shifting Sands'.

Wilding and Cooper's latest co-write, 'Shifting Sands', officially debuts March 30 2021! Lyrics: Adele M. Wilding. Music: Darlene E. Cooper. Demo recording: Wild Blue Herons aka Darlene Cooper, vocals, Bill Sample, piano!

CO-WRITE #1: 'Caribbean and Blue: The Song'. COMPOSER: Darlene E. Ketchum. AUTHOR: Adele M. Wilding.

A physically distanced, songwriting collaboration, the lyrics to 'Caribbean and Blue', were written one month following the passing of Adele's mother in the summer of 2019. Taking a new approach with the music, Adele decided to shop around for a composer, most of whom were occupied with other projects.  

In April 2020, whilst recovering from surgery for Stage One Cancer, Adele decided to 'press reset' and use writing to help her heal on every level. It was then that she had an epiphany as to the song's potential composer: Darlene Cooper. Darlene enthusiastically agreed to compose  
the music, and Wild Blue Herons, featuring Darlene Cooper and Bill Sample, graciously and generously offered to record the track in July 2020.  

With the remixing and mastering expertise of Tony Chamberlist, the four artists combined have created a gem that speaks to grief and eventual acceptance of the loss of a loved one.  

Adele M. Wilding Jazz dedicates 'Caribbean & Blue' to all those who have been affected by personal loss, especially during the global health crisis. The song centres on transitioning into the spiritual world, as told through the metaphor of a butterfly in flight.  

Since its pre-release on July 29 2020, 'Caribbean and Blue' has been receiving positive feedback via social media.  

'Caribbean & Blue' was written and recorded in loving memory of Vera Eugene Wilding.